Danfotech Tenderizer/Macerator

Type KT140

Tenderizer Type KT140

Using a tenderizer is an effective way of opening muscles and thereby increasing meat surfaces.
This is essential to increase the absorption capacity of meat and thus the possibility of improving assimilation of additives and subsidiary substances.

In the succeeding processes, the quantity of muscle proteins on meat surfaces is substantially increased.

  1. Products are conveyed on a belt and drop into knife shafts, one of which is springactivated.
  2. Knives open muscle fibres, thereby enlarging meat surfaces.

The Danfotech KT140 in numbers:

Capacity up to 10.000 kg/hour
Max. product height 80 mm
Number of knives 153 pcs
Knife, diameter 138 mm
Knife roller, distance -10 to +16 mm
Working width 550 mm
Motor 3,0 kW
Voltage 3x220/400/415/460
Control voltage 24 VAC
Weight, net Approx 500 kg

The Danfotech KT140 features:

  • The roller distance is adjustable to compensate for overlaps or the distance between knives.
  • A blind roller can be installed for products with rind. (Option).
  • Super-effective cleaning as the Tenderizer is equipped with knife shafts with distance parts for
    knifes. This means that the knife shaft itself has an open structure, contrary to ordinary knife roller tenderizers in the market. The open structure reduces daily cleaning by two hours compared to conventional types.
  • Quick-lock system for conveyor cleaning.
  • The tenderizer has a built-in retainer for easy handling of knife shafts during cleaning.
  • The tenderizer conforms to the strictest rules regarding health and safety.
  • The tenderizer is CE-marked and complies with the HACCP regulations.
Peter Thomsen
Project Sales Manager at Danfotech
Peter Thomsen

Size specifications


Technical specifications

Blueprint 3
Capacity Up to 10.000 kg/hour
Power motor 3,0 kW
Voltage 3x220/400/415/460
Control Voltage 24 VAC
Max. product height 80 mm
Number of knives 153 pcs
Knift, diameter 138 mm
Knift roller, distance -10 to +16 mm
Working width 550 mm
Weight, net App. 500 kg

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Type KT140