The Danfotech Meat Press with the multi-usage - Bacon Meat, Meat blocks, and Philly Steaks

Bacon Press - Type 8-35

The Danfotech Type 8-35 presses bellies using a die set, which shapes the products into the desired finished form.

The frozen meat is molded in the hydraulically operated press, where it is exposed to three-dimensional pressure to attain uniform shape and quality for maximized slicing yields.

The 8-35 bacon press offers automatic infeed and discharge options with various ancillary systems available.

Maximize slicing yields at optimal temperatures ranging from 14°-25° F (-10° to -4° C) depending on salt content.

The Danfotech 8-35 in numbers:

  • Up to 8 cycles per minute
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Press chamber length at 35” x 16,” x 4,8”
  • Press chamber length at 875mm x 415mm x 120mm
  • Up to 20mm / .75” automatic flex
  • Quick toolless die change in less than 5-7 min.
  • 380V-460V x 3 phase 50Hz or 60 Hz
  • 63 Amps
  • Air pressure @ 100PSI or 7 bar


Type 8-35 Meat and Bacon Presses

  • Presses 8 bellies per minute with a powerful but gentle hydraulic pressing system
  • The press cycle establishes product height and width. Pressed length depends on size of belly
  • Max die chamber size: 35” x 16” x 4.8” (875 x 415 x 120 mm)
  • Automatic programmable lubrication system
  • Allen-Bradley controls with color touch screen HMI
  • Left or right outfeed available
  • USDA accepted and CE approved. Built-in conformity with AMI sanitary equipment design principles.
Jacob Bertelsen
Director at Danfotech

Size specifications


Technical specifications

Blueprint 3
Up to cycles per minute 8 - Depending of manual loading
Power 40 hp / 30 kW
Control Voltage 24 VDC
Service Amps 63 A
Cooling Water 1.6 gal/min. / 6.05 l/min.
Water Pressure 29-87 psi / 2-6 bars
Air Pressure 100 PSI or 7 bars

Parts & Services

Type 8-35 Press