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Danfotech is a leading supplier of innovative and tailor-made solutions for the meat processing industry. 

Danfotech produces, installs and services a wide range of machinery and specialized equipment for the food processing industry:

Bacon and meat presses, defrosting lines, massaging tumblers, ham production lines, tenderizers and loading/unloading systems built around the above equipment and systems.

We specialize in turn-key solutions including processing plants, as well as modification, extension or renovation of existing plants and systems.

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Food processing solutions

Processing & preparation

Thermal processing

Slicing, loading & Packaging

Facility automation & equipment sanitation

Experience Innovation, Tailored for You: Discover Danfotech's Unparalleled Solutions


Step into a world of cutting-edge solutions tailored to the meat and poultry processing industry. Danfotech, a trusted name embraced by food manufacturers worldwide, offers turn-key solutions, system enhancements, and renovations to meet your evolving needs. 

Our customer-centric approach ensures customized solutions that align with your unique requirements, while our relentless focus on partnership and R&D fuels continuous innovation.

With a dedicated team of skilled professionals and a global presence, we are committed to optimizing your profitability and delivering unrivaled quality.

Join us on this journey from Aalborg, Denmark to the heart of Chicago, USA, and experience the Danfotech advantage today.