Enhanced Precision and Efficiency with 14S

Bacon Press - Type 14S

The DANFOTECH Servo-operated Bacon Press is specifically designed to ensure optimally shaped bacon and meat loins, pressed in the 4-directional, 3-dimensional dynamic and flexible chamber using the Shapetec press technology.

Setting the stage for optimal slice yield downstream.

The press is equipped with automatic in/out-feed conveyors.

The press is built with a heavy-duty design that is engineered to withstand the impacts of pressing frozen bacon and meat loins for many hours every day over a very long period.

The key focus areas:

  • No Water or Hydraulics
  • Reduces belly fractures
  • Optimum automation ensured
  • Largest die chamber in the Industry 
  • Up to 14 cycles/min. press capacity
  • Automatic flex in die-set
  • Easy maintenance and operation costs are the lowest in the market
  • Fast and Easy to clean and sanitize

The 14S in numbers:

  • Up to 14 cycles per minute
  • Press chamber length at 41” x 16” x  4,7”
  • Press chamber length at 1040mm x 410mm x 120mm
  • 41” to press the longest units at 1016mm / 40”
  • Up to 20mm / .75” automatic flex
  • Quick toolless die change in less than 5-7 min.
  • 380V-460V x 3 phase 50Hz or 60 Hz
  • 80 Amps
  • Air pressure @ 100PSI or 7 bar

Meat and Bacon Presses

The 14S Servo press is designed for automatic operation with 4 individual servos controlled by ShapetecTM press technology which secures the perfect compression and automatically flexes the height, based on the individual thickness of the product to be pressed.

Automatic conveyors, with custom length, load, and discharge frozen bacon and meat loins and integrate with existing production lines. The standard 14S Servo press is automatically operated with both in-feed and discharge conveyors which can be integrated into a delivery from the freezer as well as hand off to a slicer or similar equipment.

Jacob Bertelsen
Director at Danfotech

Size specifications


Technical specifications

Blueprint 3
Up to cycles per minute 14 
Power All Servo operated.
Control Voltage 24 VDC
Service Amps 80 A
Cooling Water None
Water Pressure 29-87 psi / 2-6 bars
Air Pressure 87-116 psi / 6-8 bars

Parts & Services

Type 14S Servo Press