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Die Sets for Danfotech Presses

A Danfotech Die Set is not just a Die Set!


Danfotech offers a number of different die sets for the large program of Meat and Bacon Presses that Danfotech offers.

Die sets for both hydraulic and electric servo presses are made in unique materials and can be supplied with or without flex, to meet the variety of the products to be pressed / formed.

In addition, die sets are offered for both bone-in and bone less products.

The plastic parts included in the die sets are manufactured in the technical plastic PEHD 500, which is food approved and therefore suitable for coming into direct contact with food.

In addition to being food approved, PEHD 500 is well suited to Danfotech's presses, as it has a good durability in the temperature ranges where the machines are used.

In addition, it has an ideal chemical resistance and withstands the cleaning that is practiced in the food industry.

We mill the plastic parts out of sheets on a 5-axis CNC milling machine. 

Marking with engraving.

In all parts of the complete die set, we engrave identification information so that the die set is not mounted incorrectly in our presses and to make it easier to order any spare parts at a later time.

We do the engraving on a CNC milling machine. 

Fine surface provides hygienic cleaning.

Due to the high hygiene standard required in the food industry, we mill the plastic items with a fine surface, so that a high hygiene standard is achieved.

Asymmetric plastic parts in tensioned plastic.

Several of the die set parts for Danfotech Meat and Bacon Presses are asymmetrical.

Asymmetrical machined parts can be difficult to manufacture, as an asymmetric parts tends to curve due to stresses in the material that are released when material is removed.

In order to avoid curvature and to comply with tolerances, we manufacture the die set parts in plastic which are tensioned.

This removes all tension in the plastic so that it does not curve, even though we mill material away to create the asymmetrical shape.

Jacob Bertelsen
Director at Danfotech

Technical specifications

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Danfotech can supply a die set for many types of products and with or without built-in flex, so that the die set can handle a large variation on the products.

The program also contains die sets for bone-in products.

Danfotech is ready to help analyze the products that need to be pressed/formed, in order to find the perfect die set. In connection with this analysis, various special Danfotech tools are used.

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