Advanced Servo Press For Optimal Bacon Pressing

Servo Press Type 8SLC

The DANFOTECH Servo-operated Bacon Press is specifically designed to ensure optimally shaped bacon and meat loins, pressed in the 3-directional, 3-dimensional dynamic and flexible chamber using the Danfotech ShapetecTM press technology.

Setting the stage for optimal slice yield downstream.

The press is equipped with automatic in/out-feed conveyors.

The press is built with a heavy-duty design that is engineered to withstand the impacts of pressing frozen bacon and meat loins for many hours every day over a very long period.

The key focus areas:

  • No Water or Hydraulics
  • Reduces belly fractures
  • Optimum automation ensured
  • Largest die chamber in the Industry 
  • Up to 8 cycles/min. press capacity
  • Automatic flex in die-set
  • Easy maintenance and operation costs are the lowest in the market.
  • Fast and Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Both for automatic and manual operation 

The Danfotech 8SLC in numbers:

  • Up to 8 cycles per minute

  • Press chamber length at 41” x 16” x  4,7”

  • Press chamber length at 1040mm x 410mm x 120mm

  • 41” to press the longest units at 1016mm / 40”

  • Up to 20mm / .75” automatic flex

  • Quick toolless die change in less than 5-7 min.

  • 380V-460V x 3 phase 50Hz or 60 Hz

  • 63 Amps

  • Air pressure @ 100PSI or 7 bar

Type 8SLC Meat and Bacon Presses

The 8SLC Servo Press is designed for automatic operation with 3 individual servos controlled by Danfotech ShapetecTM press technology which secures the perfect compression and automatically flexes the height, based on the individual thickness of the product to be pressed.

Labor-saving automation with custom-built product conveyor handling systems to transport product from freezing/crust freezing through pressing to feed single or multiple slicing/cutting lines. Danfotech can integrate with both new and existing production lines.

Jacob Bertelsen
Director at Danfotech

Size specifications


Technical specifications

Blueprint 3
Up to cycles per minute

All Servo-operated.

Control Voltage 24 VDC
Service Amps 63 A
Cooling Water None
Water Pressure 29-87 psi / 2-6 bars
Air Pressure 100PSI or 7 bars

Parts & Services

Type 8SLC Servo Press