Fixed Block Press

Fixed Block Press

The patented FBP Hydraulic operated block press is designed for automatic operation and includes a Powerful Hydraulic but gentle pressing system that secures the perfect compressing of the product. The Danfotech FBP presses loose meat using a die-set, in shapes that correspond to the desired finished product.

Increased Flexibility and Control

  • Customize block size and shape to your needs
  • Achieve perfect blocks for easy packaging, palletizing, and freezing
  • Ensure consistent quality and texture in your meat product

The frozen meat pieces are molded in the hydraulic operated press where it is exposed to a 1-dimensional pressure to attain a uniform shape.

The FBP press can be delivered with a selection of die sets available for a wide range of applications. The FBP press offers automatic in-feed and discharge options with various auxiliary systems.

Automatic conveyors and weighing hoppers, with custom length, load, and discharge can be integrated with existing production lines.


  • 2 cycles per minute
  • Press available with optional in-feed conveyor, weighing hopper, and out-feed conveyor
  • Available in right-hand and left-hand models
  • Press Champer length 508 mm x 356 mm x 178 mm (20" x 14" x 7")
  • Block Size up to: 500 mm x 400 mm x 175 mm (19,7” x 15,7” x 6,9”)
  • 380V-460V x 3 phase 50Hz or 60Hz


  • The Powerful but gentle pressing System, hydraulically operated
  • Press Controls for customized compression control
  • Fixed Chamber, one end press with variable controlled press
  • Electrical cabinet mounted on the unit or wall
  • Allen Bradley Panel View touch screen controls with visual troubleshooting assistance
  • Maintenance checklist with sign-off installed
  • USDA Accepted and CE-approved
Peter Thomsen
Project Sales Manager at Danfotech
Peter Thomsen

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Fixed Block Press