Meat Block Divider

Danfotech Defrosting System Type MBD

Danfotech Meat Block Divider (MBD) for separating frozen meat blocks helps to shorten process time and increase batch size by up to 50%. The main purpose of the meat block divider is to separate frozen products naturally, thereby creating as much meat surface as possible for optimum heat treatment in the tumbler. 

The frozen blocks are separated into individual muscles without damage to fibers and/or membranes. Separation is important both to total processing time (defrosting period) and to defrosting results. Separation before defrosting means more homogenous batches in terms of temperature and visual appearance.

Specifications of Frozen meat Blocks arriving at the MBD separator are mentioned below:

Meat Block Divider specifications

Temperature of meat

Meat block at max -18 to -12°C or 0-10°F

Maximum Block size

600 x 500 x200 mm or 23,6x19,7x7,9”

Weight each block

25-27 kg or 55 – 60 lbs.


5 cycles per minute


Approx. up to 8100 kg or 17.857 lbs/hour pending block size


Peter Thomsen
Project Sales Manager at Danfotech
Peter Thomsen

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Meat Block Divider

Meat Block Divider

Frozen chicken wings and thighs

Thawed chicken and thighs

Size specifications


Technical specifications


Meat Block Divider specifications

HMI Panel 10” Plus Touch Screen Allen Bradley - AISI 304 control panel
Press movement Drum motor
Manufacture Stainless steel AISI 304
Voltage 3 x 380/440 V, 50/60 c/s + N + PE
Control voltage 24 V DC
Degree of protection IP 65
Surface Glass bead peened
Stainless steel AISI 304 Stainless Steel


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Meat Block Divider