New Model 6 Plus

New 6 Plus - Meat and Bacon Press

The Danfotech Type 6 Plus presses bacon and meat loins using a die set, in shapes that correspond to the desired finished product.

The frozen meat is molded in the Hydraulically Electrically optimized press, where it is exposed to three-dimensional pressure to attain uniform shape and quality for maximized slicing yields.

The 6 Plus Bacon press offers a Manual infeed and automatic discharge.

Maximize slicing yields at optimal temperatures ranging from 14°-25° F (-10° to -4° C) depending on salt content.

The development of the 6 Plus Meat and Bacon press is based on more than 40 years of experience gained by meat and bacon producers worldwide.

Frozen meat is molded in the hydraulically operated press section using a die set, with a shape that corresponds to the required finished product shape. The frozen piece of meat is placed in the mold where it is exposed to a three-dimensional pressure (X, Y, Z - see below), thereby ensuring an excellent product with uniform shape and quality. When slicing and packing the product, maximum yield is obtained due to the uniform length and width of the product.

An option to optimize your production if you are not Pressing Bacon today.

With its new intuitive HMI control, the machine is easy to use and offers an adjustable End press pressure from the HMI panel, allowing you to fine-tune the pressure for better press results and up to 2% higher yield.

The Danfotech Meat and Bacon Press will use your existing Die-sets too.

The best part? No water cooling is needed for the hydraulic oil anymore!

Hydraulic / Electrically optimized by electrically.  

Bacon Press with proven durable technology over the decades

6 Plus in Numbers 

  • Up to 6 cycles per minute
  • Press available with optional in-feed conveyor and with a manual loading function.
  • Press Chamber length 790 mm x 406 mm x 120 mm (35”x16”x4,7”)
  • Quick toolless die change in less than 5-7 min.
  • 380V-460V x 3 phase 50Hz or 60 Hz'
  • 63 Amps
  • Air pressure @ 73-100PSI or 5-7 bar
Jacob Bertelsen
Director at Danfotech

Size specifications


Technical specifications

Blueprint 3
Up to cycles per minute 6 - Depending of manual loading
Power 40 hp / 30 kW
Control Voltage 24 VDC
Service Amps 63 A
Cooling Water 1.6 gal/min. / 6.05 l/min.
Water Pressure 29-87 psi / 2-6 bars
Air Pressure 73-100 psi / 5-7 bars

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Type 6 Plus