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The unloading system consists of a ceiling-mounted rail system that transports racks of hams. A fully loaded ham rack moves from the cooler towards the unloader along the rail. The unloader communicates with the rail system which delivers the loaded rack into the holding area, guarded by an electronic safety curtain. When rack is in place, the unloader empties it one layer at a time, moving the logs to the holding index conveyor. The logs are placed onto the outgoing conveyor, one at a time, and transported through the sanitizer. Once the log reaches the photo eye on the sanitizer, the 360° spray bar inside will spray sanitizer liquid onto the product's outer casing. The log moves forward through the air blower to remove excess sanitizer before pushing the logs into the clean area through the wall onto the transfer conveyor and onto the casing removal table. An operator standing on the platform removes the casing.

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Unloading System

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