Semi-Automatic Press Tower System

The Danfotech Semi-Automatic Press Tower System is designed to handle meat products before and after cooking. It consists of a Press Tower and Demolding System.
Semi-Auto Press Tower Demolder

Press Tower

Demolding System

How the Press Tower Works:

    1. The press tower goes into the frame of the hydraulic press by means of the walking beam system or a forklift.

    2.The press tower holding cooked & cooled product locks into place.

    3. The hydraulic press lifts the top frame of the press tower. The top and intermediate press frames are hinged together. When the locking system of the press tower opens and the top frame is raised, the press frames will still hold together, allowing for the molds to be pulled out of the press tower.

    4. The operator uses a mobile lift to raise himself to access the individual mold layers of the press tower.

    5. The operator manually removes the molds with contents to a table installed on the lift.

    6. The operator lowers the lift to table height level to feed to the demolder.

    7. The demolder empties the molds of cooked product.

    8. After mold washing, they molds can be filled with new prouct and placed on the lift table.

    9. The operator raises the mold layer to be pushed into the tower.

    10. When all the tower layers are filled, it is closed. This puts individual molds under pressure. The press tower is released from the hydraulic press.

    11. The tower is transported for cooking to a cooking cabinet or cook tank.

    12. The process may be repeated since the top frame of the press tower is spring loaded, meaning:
• Uniform shapes & sizes
• Less slice waste and jelly extract
• Optimum temperature dispersion
    Danfotech offers two types of demolders: Semi-automatic, ideal for smaller production lines, and Fully Automatic.

Semi-Automatic Demolder:

    1. The operator places molds in the demolder fixture.

    2. Vacuum draws the product out of molds. The vacuum grip releases and the product goes on a conveyor.

    3. The operator releases the mold fixture and places empty molds on a conveyor for rinsing.

Fully Automatic Demolder:

    1. Filled molds are automatically placed on a conveyor and led into the demolder where:

    a. Compressed air and vacuum removes the products.

    b. Products go to the next station such as a labeling machine. Empty molds go to a rinsing machine.

Product Tracking

    To track products, we can offer you the SCADA system option with a transducer built into each press tower or into each mould if required. This offers the possibility of loading product data such as batch numbers, or production details such as cooking and cooling temperatures and times. It can print this data and affix labels to the individual products or containers.


• The operator works in an ergonomically correct position
• No heavy lifting.
• Same press towers used in both demolders
Ham molds

Molds available in various shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

Download the Semi-Automatic Press Tower PDF brochure. English