Defrost Systems

Danfotech offers a cleaner, more efficient way to defrost frozen blocks with an innovative system that minimizes labor and space. The modular design makes the defrosting system expandable to meet your production requirements.

Until now, defrosting frozen meat blocks involved exposing the product to running water, hot air, steam or microwave tunnels and the results were far from perfect. Compared to traditional defrosting systems methods, the Danfotech Defrost system gives you an additional finished product instead of loss caused by dripping or overheating of the product. The result is a natural-looking defrosted product attained with this revolutionary controlled heating and cooling process.

Frozen blocks in the 0° to 10° F (-18° to -12° C) temperature range, depending on product, are placed on a conveyor and pass through a meat block divider. The blocks are pressed and separated into individual muscles without damaging the fibers or membranes. This results in more consistent batches in terms of temperature and appearance. The separated blocks discharge onto a conveyor that transports them to tumblers for defrosting. After defrosting, the product can be directly transferred for tenderizing, injecting or other further processing.

Defrosting System Overview:

1. Frozen block unwrapping table
2. Meat block divider unit
3. Conveyor system from divider to tumbler loading
4. Control interface for system
5. Tumbler(s)
6. Heating/cooling system for tumbler
7. Unloading conveyor for further processing

Defrost system

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Danfotech Defrosting System Advantages

Traditional Defrosting Methods

Danfotech's Defrost System

• Flavor, salt and protein drip loss of 5% to 8%.
• Space-consuming process
• Difficult to control surface temperature and bacteria count
• Processing time of 24 to 48 hours or longer

• Separation of meat block by meat press
• Variable temperature control - heat & cool
• Speed control
• Hard or soft tumbled product depending on rotation direction
• Transfer to injection or further processing
• A controlled process with less handling and space requirements
• 50% to 55% fill degree reduces requirement for additional tumbler investment/capacity.
• No chipped product, purge or drip loss
• Controlled surface temperature
• Processing times of up to 3 batches per 24 hours, including sanitation.
• Better production economy with shorter process time after defrost
• Higher bacteriological standard
• Tight temperature control through critical 25°-32° F (-4° to 0° C) zone
• No ice crystal formation or warm surfaces
• Brine returns juice to meat by massaging

Defrost in vats with running water
• Product picks up water, dilutes proteins
• High bacterial growth rate
• Purge / protein loss
• Wastewater issues

Defrost cabinets utilizing hot air
• High bacterial growth rate
• Purge / protein loss
• Meat surface dry and discolored

Microwave tunnels with RF waves
• Hot spots and denatured protein
• Inability to bind
• Purge / protein loss
• High energy cost

Steam injection into tumbler
• Adds undesirable moisture from boiler
• May damage surface of the meat
• Non-separated meat blocks only allow 30 to 35% filling of tumbler.

Download the PDF brochure to learn more about the Danfotech Defrosting System.