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Servo Bacon Press

The Danfotech Servo Bacon Press presses bellies by means of a die set, in shapes that correspond to the desired finished product. The frozen meat is molded in the servo controlled press, where it is exposed to three-dimensional pressure from four directions to attain uniform shape and quality for maximized slicing yields. The pressed length is attained with pressure applied from both ends simultaneously. The pressing method ensures that no membranes are damaged, resulting in extra slices. The Type 16 has a 40" (1 m) chamber, the largest in the industry. It also includes automatic infeed and discharge with additional ancillary systems available.
  • Maximize slicing yields at optimal temperatures ranging from 14°-25° F (-10° to -4° C) depending on salt content.
  • Servo actuators throughout. No hydraulics for maximized speed and precision control. Smooth operation from optimized motion control prolongs part life and reduces maintenance costs. No hydraulic cooling water needed.
  • Presses up to 20 bellies per minute depending on size, the consistency of belly conditions and uniform loading of the infeed belt.
  • Computer controlled die set allowing ±0.22” (5.5 mm) adjustment for product thickness during operation without physically changing the die set.
  • Press cycle establishes product height and width. Pressed length depends on size of belly.
  • Max die chamber size: 40” x 16” x 4.8” (1016 x 406 x 122 mm).
  • Change die sets in 5 minutes without any tools.
  • Allen-Bradley controls with 12" color touch screen HMI. Intuitive program with extensive diagnostics. Internet connectivity for remote troubleshooting. Remotely mounted electrical panel out of production area.
  • USDA accepted and CE approved. Built in conformity
    with AMI sanitary equipment design principles.

Type 16 press

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